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How to Define the Skills You Need to Complete Your Dream Team

By Jennie Kitchin

How to Define the Skills You Need to Complete Your Dream Team

When you’re looking to create your perfect team, the first step is to define the skills candidates will need to be able to demonstrate. Follow our three steps to help you complete your dream team.

1. Evaluate what you have and decide what skills you need in order to complete your project

Your goal is to understand what you will need in order to execute what you’re planning or committing to deliver. Do you need a UX Designer, a Visual Designer and Developer, or a Digital Marketing Strategist? Make a list of all the skills you’ll need in order to achieve your business goals, then perform an audit of your existing team members and see how they fit into the roles on your list. Ask yourself:

  • What are the business goals?
  • To achieve those goals, what will I need to deliver?
  • What skillsets are most important to meet the deliverables?

2. Figure out where the gaps are and what you need to fill them in

Once you’ve defined the skills you’ll need to complete the project and have identified which team members have those skills, you’ll need to work out what’s still missing.

Instead of focussing on roles during this step, we recommend that you focus on the skills you need. For example, instead of thinking ‘I need a designer’, try ‘I need someone who has strong Adobe Creative Suite skills’.

Think about which skills are essential, and which are a nice to have. You may not be able to get everything you need in just one hire. There may be soft skills that are equally as important, so consider these too.

Once you’ve got a list of skills, consider the average amount of work you think you’ll have for that person during the project. Remember, you can hire a freelancer who can work two hours one week and 40 hours the next. But you’re just looking for that average right now.

3. Secure your budget

Once you know the roles you’re trying to fill, and have a rough idea how many hours you’ll need, it’s time to secure the funding to hire people. That means you’ll need to justify the cost of hiring for your team to management. It’s best if you do a little research in advance so you’ve got some information about the ROI of certain roles.

Consider the goals of your company and enter into the conversation with your management armed with the best information you can find. The more prepared you are, the more likely you’ll get the go-ahead.

Then, when you’ve gotten the go-ahead to hire, it’s time to actually find the people you need to round out your team!

Need some more hiring advice? We’ve created a ‘how to’ guide on all you could ever want to know when looking to source, build and maintain your creative team. From deciding which roles your team needs, to conducting the perfect interview, to being a great leader - and everything in between. And if that’s not amazing enough, it’s also free! Download it here.

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