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The 12 Hiring Tips of Christmas

The 12 Hiring Tips of Christmas

If you are thinking about getting a new job this festive season, then check out our 12 tips to help you on your way:

1. Let your connections know that you are looking for work and what it is you’re looking for. 25% of hiring managers say their most successful resource for finding employees is their our network. 

2. Include a cover letter with each application you send and change it for each job. No two jobs are exactly alike so your cover letters shouldn’t be either.

3. Work on your personal brand. It is really important as it’s the process of communicating your value in a credible, compelling way to the right people.

4. In your CV be clear about what you can do and what you want. A CV shouldn’t be too long and should ideally focus on your skills and what you have achieved in previous roles.

5. Have a few people proofread your CV, cover letter and portfolio. Errors and mistakes can be a big deal-breaker for hiring managers so attention to detail is really important.

6. Adapt your portfolio to the job you’re applying for. 69% of hiring managers expect to see a tailored portfolio, so even though it might take you longer to prepare for the interview, it will be worth it in the long run.

7. Don’t be afraid to work on and include self-initiated projects in your portfolio. They show creativity and a willingness to push yourself.

8. Make a good first impression in your interview. Research has shown that people decide what they think of you within the first four minutes of meeting.

9. In an interview, be enthusiastic and passionate about your work. Your enthusiasm could be the one thing that gets you the job. Our clients agree that attitude is often the deal-maker.

10. Show that you’ve prepared for an interview and that you have an interest in the business. That means knowing the company’s mission, their recent achievements and who is interviewing you.

11. Make sure your social media persona is an employable one. 91% of hiring managers said they use social networking sites to screen their candidates and have rejected job seekers based on inappropriate posts.

12. Keep up-skilling yourself through talks, courses or self-initiated work. Not only does it add extra skills to your CV but shows a passion and willingness to improve yourself which is a very desirable trait to employers. 

You can also see these tips as Christmas video clips (with some amazing Christmas jumpers) on our Instagram Channel.

Merry Christmas!

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