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Why you Should use a Recruitment Agency

By Jennie Kitchin


Ok, so we might be slightly biased on this one! However, we do genuinely believe that using a recruitment agency beats in-house hiring, not only in terms of efficiency and time management but also when it comes to keeping your costs down.

It’s quick and efficient

An agency will work with you closely to understand your business needs and company culture, then connect you with pre-qualified, vetted applicants. A good agency will have a large network of talent, which can give them a speed advantage. It’s much easier to reach out to an existing network of high-end passive candidates who have asked to be notified of job opportunities.

And it’s not only during the initial sourcing stage of hiring that an agency can save you time. They will also post roles for you, go through applications, schedule interviews and deal with all talent communications, queries and negotiations throughout the process.

It’s stress free

Rather than having to vet talent yourself, an agency will do this for you through a series of in-person evaluations, skill assessment tests and detailed background checks. Because they collect data from thousands of clients and talent, some recruitment agencies even offer fully transparent talent reviews from previous employers. That means you can see how candidates have performed at companies similar to yours.

Recruitment agencies will walk you through the entire hiring process. And once you find the right fit, they will help with onboarding and will continue to check in with everyone involved to make sure the work is being delivered exactly as expected. Some agencies even offer satisfaction guarantees to ensure you are 100% happy.

It’s cost effective

It might seem like using a recruitment agency would cost you more than hiring in-house, but the opposite is actually true. Using an agency means no spend on job boards, recruiter accounts or talent database subscriptions. Hiring freelance staff through an agency is usually cheaper than paying in-house employees for overtime and is the best way to cover work when things get busy. Plus, by using an agency, you are massively reducing the chances of a bad hire, which one in five companies estimate costs them over £15,000. There’s no cost to get started and you won’t pay anything until your first talent is placed.

In-house hiring can be a time-consuming and sometimes tedious process and the majority of managers simply do not have the bandwidth to take it on themselves. If you’re up against a deadline and you need to find qualified talent right away, working with a recruitment agency might be the best move for you.

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